Monday, September 04, 2006


Having been at Wellcome now for 3 months, it feels like I could begin to put my head above the parapet. One way of describing what's interesting about the being here rather than at UCL is that, for public engagement activity, I feel I have switched from being an amateur to being a professional. That is about procedures, credit, facilities but also responsibility. One of the things I'll have to be working about is the way a personal blog fits in to that process. Any other corporate heads out there got some tips?


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God knows. I'm afraid I'm neither corporate nor heady, but I'm trying something vaguely similar to you (but much less professional) and haven't got a clue how to balance the information which I'd like to get out (about postdocs) with the information that people expect from a blog (about the blogger, as far as I can see). Good luck with trying, at any rate...

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