Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Science Gallery London is launching a peripatetic seminar series

Science Gallery London is launching a peripatetic seminar series, working alongside an existing set of seminars to do so.


We want to build relationships with the academic community, especially those in the social studies of science, and museums/ cultural studies. We’re not just aiming to build a science/ art gallery, but one that engages with 15-25 year olds both at Kings College London and the local community.

We think we can offer some interesting social interactions with science which academics could study (and challenge us on). In the short term, we think we’ll have some interesting conversations. More long term, we want to forge the sort of relationships we can build collaborative research funding bids with. We think seminars are a good place to start these sorts of dialogues.


We want to bring something of the Science Gallery ethos — our core values of connection, participation and surprise — to a range of existing seminar series.

We can help you structure the event, and find speakers, and offer some expertise in developing discussion in seminar-style events, with Dr Daniel Glaser, Director of the Science Gallery London, available as a facilitator. We can also offer a chance to raise the impact of your seminar series, with the young people we work with available as interrogators (e.g. to make a video diary of the event).

We're working with the brilliant Alice Bell to put all this together.

What do we want from you?

Simply open your doors and offer us a date in your seminar series to be co-run by the Science Gallery London.

Together, we’ll pick a topic and two speakers. They'll be asked to talk for no longer than 15 minutes each, on complementary topics, with the rest of the time being focused on group discussion. Initially, we are looking at the London area, but are open to interest elsewhere.

What will you get in exchange?

A momentary pause in the usual business of academic debate, a chance to discuss your work with new people, and in new ways, find new potential research collaborators, new ideas and new audiences. We are, however, keen that any collaboration will be developed by all parties together, so what we can offer exactly is partly up to you.

Interested? Email sciencegallery at kcl dot ac dot uk ASAP and we can have a chat.


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