Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Material World on Brain Imaging

Part of the new 'topical' format for Material World on BBC Radio 4. I was part of a discussion on the uses and limits of brain imaging with my old mate Geraint Rees. This more issues-based rather than news-based format (although I don't think that's how its supposed to be seen) may take time to bed in, but potentially is a good platform for a more sceptical and discursive engagement. Our discussion starts about half way through the podcast or iPlayer record.

Autism and Talent at the Royal Society

And while we're playing catchup, a rather more conventional but no less enjoyable chair at the Royal Society on Talent and Autism. Video also available for those with more bandwidth than sense.

Creative Brains at Tate Modern

I chaired this somewhat eclectic and politically charged event involving some brain science around creativity and some sticking of a near-plastecine substance on to the windows of Tate Modern. Fetching pictures (of the creative effusions) have been posted.